Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher Will Handle It From Here, Jersey Chasers

The last time I checked in with Joe Burrow’s girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher was September 2018 and Burrow was being introduced to the SEC and micromanaged by the LSU coaching staff. Over a year later and here we are with Burrow and Holzmacher, who has been with Burrow since his days at Ohio State, are looking at possibly returning to Ohio in the spring as the new first couple of Cincinnati, something that I never thought we’d see.

Now Joe Burrow is a Heisman frontrunner — Caesars has him at -700 right now, LSU fans are photoshopping their faces over Holzmacher for Instagram photos and these two will become honorary Louisianians if Joe can get this LSU team to the College Football Playoff and ultimately back home to the Superdome.

Then he’ll get to replace Andy Dalton and wife JJ who will soon be departing the Queen City for a new team where Dalton will probably win a playoff game. I’ll finally get my quarterback that has life in his bones. I’d rather the Bengals lose with a guy who has life to him than Andy Dalton who probably has never been angry in his life.

Add it all up and the jersey chasers need to understand that this might not be a battle they want to take on. Holzmacher seems to be firmly entrenched and it’s going to take a miracle for one of you to sneak in there between now and the draft and steal away the No. 1 pick. Good luck.

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