Meet Claire Kittle – George Kittle’s Wife

Claire Kittle’s just been out in the Bay Area minding her own business with husband George Kittle while the 49ers tight end was getting better each season and is now either the best or second best tight end in the NFL. Claire, for those who haven’t been following along, isn’t afraid to fire up the content machine and pump some serious content out to the public. No private accounts. Not much of a filter. You’re looking at a wife that is poised to take over the NFL.

Take this Instagram post from this week. Folks, this is how you create Internet headlines in 2020.

Honeymooning 🍯🌙🍑
blog post is now live link in bio
We’re sitting here planning our next trip to Cabo so figured I should finish up the details from our last one 🤪
@gkittle46 favorite photo from the whole trip. Shocking ik
Where is your favorite beach destination!? Lmk

How Claire Kittle is at just 33.9k Instagram followers boggles my mind. Not sure what you guys are waiting for at this point. Does George have to get to the Super Bowl for you guys to jump on the bandwagon? If Claire & George were in New York she’d be sitting on 500k followers, she’d appear on The View once a month and we’d be talking about a Claire and George reality show.

Go follow.

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