One Of The Dumbest Things Booger McFarland’s Ever Said On ESPN

Booger McFarland suggested this absolutely stupid idea for the Bills head coach against the Texans / via Twitter

I’m sitting here watching Vikings-Saints and enjoying the sweet docile tones of Troy Aikman as he casually works his way through Wild Card Sunday and all I keep thinking of is how different it is to listen to Troy than Booger McFarland during the Bills-Texans game when Booger made one of the dumbest suggestions in NFL broadcasting history.

Trailing 19-16 with :15 left in the 4th quarter, Booger suggested Bills head coach Sean McDermott run a quick draw play — ON THIRD DOWN — AND GET UP TO THE LINE AND SPIKE IT ON 4TH DOWN. AND HE’S SUGGESTING THIS WITH :15 LEFT IN THE GAME.

Needless to say, this suggestion didn’t go over real great with social media. ESPN’s best move would to end the Booger experiment and chalk it up to yet another bad hire for that booth. Monday Night Football, minus Gruden’s era, has a been a disaster for a long time and someone should be fired — or we’re just going to keep making fun of Booger next season. I might actually want the guy to come back since it’s great content.

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