NSFWBDs React To Bill Belichick’s Wild Card Loss

The 2020 playoffs are over for the New England Patriots and at the end of the day it was offense that crippled this team that failed to secure a first-round bye with a Week 17 loss to the Dolphins and are now going on vacation with one last mumble press conference before Hoodie gets rare vacation time this early in the year. It was 2009 the last time the Patriots lost on Wild Card weekend.

Bill’s going to be 68 this offseason, has nothing else going on and is expected to just keep rolling along as the coach of the Patriots. Tom Brady turns 43 this offseason and indicated last night after the loss that he doesn’t see why he wouldn’t be back next year. Sounds to me like these two aren’t leaving and it’s going to be up to the Bills to send these guys packing once and for all in the fall. Otherwise, it’s going to be more of the same.

I know it’s rare to bring the BDs into the conversation, but there was some rumbling inside the community about Bill’s press conference and how last night went against the Titans. Dig in & realize Tommy’s going to be extra rested — like five extra weeks of rest — for next season so watch out.

Here’s Hoodie talking about the future:

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