Best Of Booger McFarland Quotes*

There’s a new phenomenon on the Internet where people come up with Booger McFarland quotes that are clearly fake, but you could still hear them come out of Boog’s mouth during an ESPN broadcast. We’re now two years into the Booger Monday Night Football experience so the material is starting to pile up for those who’ve started to get tired of Boog having something to say about every little thing that happens during a football game.

I’m actually starting to wonder if Booger is being paid per word spoken by ESPN because the guy can’t let the broadcast breath. His final assignment of the year comes Saturday when he and Joe Tessitore call the Bills-Texans Wild Card game in Houston. After that, Boog will turn into a football expert for ESPN’s march to the Super Bowl where they’ll throw Boog at us for 12 hours a day.

So dig into the fake Boog quotes and start thinking up your own and join in on the fun before Boog is eventually replaced and MNF rolls on to become more irrelevant by the year.

Best/Worst of Booger’s Actual Calls:

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Gronk Spikes Steve Harvey Lego Head During New Years Show
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