Packers Fan High School Teacher Took Dumps In A Park For Two Years

Packers fan accused of taking dumps in a park / via Fox 6 Milwaukee

A Wisconsin high school English teacher, also a Packers fan, agreed to pay a $600 fine for taking dumps in a county park and was finally caught after the park system had enough of his shitt and installed trail cams to catch him in the act and images of his car. Jeffrey Churchwell agreed to pay a whopping $6,000 fine for his public dumps.

That’s an absolutely fascinating number and makes me want to hear something from this guy as to why he was dropping loaves when a park bathroom was available. Jeff, come on bro. I know you didn’t brew one up on those trails that many times and not have a reason for pinching one off in public. And it went on for TWO YEARS.

From Fox 6 Milwaukee:

“It required us to go out there and check on things daily,” says Richard Hough, the Walworth County public works director. “It was taking up precious time and resources to go and clean up unnecessary human waste.”

The feces was found in the open. The problem got so bad, the department installed a trail camera to catch the culprit — eventually gathering images of Churchwell and his car.

I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something with school officials and taking dumps in public. Remember the New Jersey superintendent who took dumps on athletic fields? I get it, two school employees taking public dumps isn’t a trend, but here I am writing another dump story and it’s someone from a school. So odd.

As for Jeff, he’s retiring January 16. It’s probably for the best.

Natureland Park in Wisconsin
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