Couple Acting Like A Couple At Browns Game

Browns fan enjoying his day at FirstEnergy Stadium / via Facebook

The Browns might not have won today’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, but you can’t win them all and at the end of the day life is about more than some football game. Life is about the experiences you have at those football games and it sure looks like Beck & Zappia 02 had themselves a day at FirstEnergy in the final game of the season. You know what’s refreshing these days? Old school love.

Sure, Beck Jr. could’ve called up one of his Browns fan friends and told Zappia to stay home, he and his friend would tear it up and he’d come home late. But no, he and Zappia enjoyed watching Baker wave off Browns fans and then Browns fans middle finger Baker. Beck & Zappia got to also see Browns fans implode on each other. But they know their love is bigger than the game and now they’ll ride off into winter with something deeper than a win or a loss. They clearly have love for each other.

It was one of those days where Browns fans get things off their chests:

Get it all out since this is it for the season:

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