Sounds Like A Drunk Eagles Fan Snuck Into Doug Pederson’s Press Conference

Drunk fan sneaks into Doug Pederson's press conference

Drunk fan sneaks into Doug Pederson’s press conference / via Twitter

That sure sounds like a drunk Eagles fan was able to sneak into Doug Pederson’s press conference after Philly went out and beat the Cowboys 17-9. “Who is this? Is he credentialed?,” Doug asks in a perplexed state as to what’s going on in the press seating area.

Doug, it’s Philly, you’re about to clinch the division barring a major meltdown against a Giants team that hopes to lose its last game and you’re going to host a playoff game. These fans are finally waking up after a slow year for Philly fans. Need to crank it up a few more notches at MetLife in Week 17.

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