Drew Brees Wife Brittany Had A Big Content Night

Drew Brees wife Brittany and friends created content during Monday Night Football / via Twitter

Brittany Brees and friends were all over the ESPN Monday Night Football broadcast thanks to the 20 or so records Drew was set to break during a blowout of the Colts. Clearly ESPN producers wanted that iconic family reaction shot when Drew was closing in on one of the records and since the career touchdown pass record could switch hands a few times over the next couple years, Brittany and the family stayed in a box instead of going on the field for the historic moment.

That meant ESPN kept cutting back and forth to Brittany and her friends creating memories in the suite while the Brees kids figured out which college offer they’d take here in like 2-3 years. Brittany isn’t known to create too much public content, opting instead to pop up from time to time on Drew’s Instagram account so this was a big night for her. It’s like seeing Peyton Manning’s wife in public — it’s rare.

Now it’s back to the quiet NOLA life as ESPN moves on. Next week it’s Packers-Vikings on MNF. Kirk Cousins’ wife has no reason to pop up on TV.





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