Travis Kelce’s Girlfriend Pours Titos Into Patrick Mahomes Girlfriend’s Mouth

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce took their girlfriends out Sunday night after beating up on the Denver Broncos and getting to 10-4, into a home playoff game spot and into a position to land a first round bye if the Patriots find a way to lose it over the last two weeks. It was time to celebrate a firm No. 3 spot with the Bears (road) and Chargers left to play.

It was Brittany Matthews, Mahomes long time girlfriend taking Titos straight from the bottle like a pro as the celebration raged on. That’s Kelce’s girlfriend Kayla Nicole with the assist on the bottle. It’s great to see NFLers actually out having a blast during the season, something we don’t see that often these days. Back before Twitter/Instagram it wasn’t uncommon to see these guys raging after wins. Times have changed and now we have to respect the guys who’re willing to let loose in December.

I haven’t put much time into researching Kayla Nicole, but if you follow Brittany’s IG Stories, you’ll recognize Kayla as the one ripping shots, shotgunning beers, etc. Kayla’s shooting straight up the fun NFL girlfriends power rankings.

Patrick Mahomes girlfriend does a Titos shot thanks to help from Travis Kelce’s girlfriend / via IG Story The Mahomes and the Kelces celebrate beating the Broncos / via IG Story
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