Looks Like Drew Brees Got It In This Weekend


I’m not an expert at getting it in like you guys are (I’ve only had two kids), but I know what it looks like when someone got it in and I’m 99.9% certain that Drew Brees got it in this weekend one last time before heading off to attack another NFL season as a 39-year-old quarterback. I know what happens when a wife leaves a trail of rose petals and then makes a heart out of petals on a hotel bed, but I usually see this kind of stuff on random IG model accounts, not on a future Pro Football Hall of Famer’s IG account.
“Brit surprised me w a date night last night,” Drew typed about his wife.
Looks like this all went down at the New Orleans Ritz (4.5-5 stars on pretty much every single review site out there), less than a mile from the Superdome where the Saints open the 2018 season against the Buccaneers.

Ahh, the petals leading to the red zone:

“Pound town on three…ready…break.”

I assume this isn’t an isolated get it in across the NFL. It’s not like these guys have time to get it in during the regular season as they compete with one another to see which one can be the first one in, last one out guy. I picture these guys eating a nice dinner, sitting down on the sectional, wrapping their legs in those bags you see guys wearing on IG, watching film on their iPad, then maybe watching some Netflix original, going to bed, watching a little more film on the iPad and then turning off the lights to get a solid 8 hours of recommended sleep.
No more getting it in until the bye week trip to some exotic island. The Saints bye week is October 14.









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