Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Now 1-0 Against Ex-Boyfriend Drew Lock

Gracie Hunt’s Kansas City Chiefs won their first showdown against Hunt’s ex-boyfriend Drew Lock and the Denver Broncos in what should be an incredible storyline as long as Lock is the Broncos quarterback. It was an old fashioned 23-3 butt kicking for Lock who went 18-of-40 with 1 INT in a game that was billed as an ex-boyfriend going in and proving he could knock off the franchise heiress game.

Lock has since moved on from Hunt and now has something cooking with University of Colorado’s Natalie Newman who doesn’t own a team but does have a grown Instagram content business. It was going to be nearly impossible for Lock and Hunt to survive since he would be trying to beat his girlfriend’s team. That would have been awkward at the Thanksgiving table when sitting down for turkey with Clark Hunt, Gracie’s dad and son of the late Lamar Hunt.

Gracie, perhaps trying to send a signal to Lock and all the Broncos haters, made sure to post an Instagram Story video of herself getting off the family private jet to the sounds “Let It Snow” by Gwen Stefani as car service was there to get the heiress and drive her to Arrowhead Stadium. Then she added a “My House” Flo Rida IG Story video as she walked down the steps in her private suite. Talk about power moves. Advantage Hunt.

Gracie Hunt before going 1-0 against ex-boyfriend Drew Lock / via IG Story


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