Meet Natalie Newman – Drew Lock’s Girlfriend

What a week it’s going to be for Drew Lock and new girlfriend Natalie Newman who go to Kansas City to face the Chiefs and Gracie Hunt, Lock’s beauty pageant ex-girlfriend heiress to the Chiefs billion-dollar fortune.  This is exactly the kind of showdown the NFL needs when one team is out of the playoffs and the other has wrapped up the AFC West. Drew Lock vs. his ex-girlfriend’s team! How many times has that happened in the history of the NFL? Probably not many.

An emailer sent this email late last night:

Broncos QB Drew Lock will make his first start in his hometown of Kansas City this Sunday vs the Chiefs. Interesting unknown fact that he’s also returning to see someone he recently dated: THE DAUGHTER OF THE CHIEFS OWNER, GRACIE HUNT. CONFLICT OF INTERESTS. AFC West. Wonder how people on both sides of the ball will feel about this???

The emailer included photos of the happy couple that seemed to have been deleted off the Internet.  And now Natalie Newman is in the picture instead of the NFL heiress. Newman checks in with a very respectable 181k Instagram followers after a very successful Instagram career while at the University of Colorado. She’s perfectly capable of holding her own amongst the NFL girlfriends, wives and heiresses so this should be quite a content showdown this weekend when it’s Newman vs. Hunt as Lock looks to stay undefeated in his short NFL career.

Drew Lock’s ex-girlfriend Gracie Hunt:

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