Meet Miss Texas International 2018 Gracie Hunt…Her Dad Is Chiefs Co-Owner

via YouTube
I was digging into some Chiefs content a couple weeks ago and came across the account of Gracie Hunt wearing Chiefs gear. One thing led to another and I find out that Gracie Hunt is none other than Clark Hunt’s daughter. That’s right, we’re talking about Lamar Hunt’s family. Lamar passed away in 2006 and his survivors eventually chose Clark to run the Chiefs. Add it all up and you have Miss Texas International 2018 Gracie’s dad in charge of the hottest team in the AFC.
The big news here is that Gracie seems to have a fairly active roll being a…dare I say…Chiefs influencer, which is a genius roll to assume because it has to be a great job promoting a franchise your grandfather founded. And a team that has its franchise QB for the next 18 years.
From Gracie’s IG bio:
Miss Texas Intl 2018
@specialolympics Global Ambassador
@nfl Women’s Apparel Spokesmodel
•Sports Lover
•Prov 3:5 ✙ I’m Third
Breakout star. I’m telling you guys. I’m normally right on this stuff. Start following now because something tells me Gracie and the Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl. Going out on a limb with that prediction.


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