Alabama ‘You Like That’ Cop Twerker Gets Off…Of One Charge

April Rose Teale, an Alabama graduate who gained fame in October for the ‘You Like That’ twerk against a cop outside a Tuscaloosa Waffle House that landed her in jail, tells me her court case is over and she’ll be performing community service. “I didn’t have to go to court, my lawyer got a charge dismissed and then for the other, I’m doing community service,” April told me over Instagram DMs this afternoon.

Ms. Teale was arrested after the Tide beat Tennessee. She told me back in October that the gameday experience that Saturday “did a number on me.” She said it was Jager and Bootlegger that tore her up and resulted in the cop twerk that people will be talking about for several years.

Now comes community service and then back to her normal life. “Hopefully it’s the last time we talk, best of luck,” she added.

Bama twerker court case is over /via BC IG DMs
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