Patriots Fans Are Melting Down As Dynasty Nears The End

Patriots fans fighting after losing to the Chefs / via Twitter

Patriots fans fighting each other after losing to the Chiefs, booing the team off the field at halftime and Tom Brady’s QBR is in a bad spot. Is this what the end of the Patriots dynasty looks like? All it took was back-to-back losses, the first home loss since 2017, the first time Tommy has lost at home in subzero temps in like a decade and the Ravens have the home-field advantage lead. Let’s not forget that Tommy is 42, doesn’t have Gronk and the 23rd ranked rushing offense in the league.

James White is the second leading receiver, Tommy is 28th in completion percentage and the defense is doing everything it can to keep them in games. The great news — the Patriots now go to Cincinnati, then the Bills come to town and they finish with the Dolphins at home. Yes, the Patriots are going to win out, be 13-3 and Tommy will get a bye week like usual to get rested up for his two-week run to the Super Bowl.

Add it all up and, yes, the dynasty is coming to an end and the fans are getting nervous, but until someone steps up and curb stomps Tommy one last time to knock him out, this team is right where it needs to be. They’ll find some mysterious offensive weapon over the last three weeks and we’ll be saying it’s Ravens-Patriots in the AFC title game to see if Tommy has one final AFC title in him.

Just has to get to the finish line. Look at the last three games: at Bengals, Bills, Dolphins. Three wins. Tommy knows the finish line is near.

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