Browns Fan Gets Jail Time For Punching Ohio Man Firefighter After 2018 Game [UPDATE]

Browns fan sentenced to jail for assaulting man outside 2018 Browns game / via WOIO

Browns fan Zebulon Music, from the Dayton area, was sentenced to two weekends in the Cuyahoga County Jail — one of which was spent over Thanksgiving weekend — for attacking an Ohio Man firefighter Joshua Hillabrand after a 2018 game against the Chiefs. Reports are that Hillabrand told someone to stop throwing traffic cones. Then Music punched Hillabrand from behind, sending him flying into the concrete and leading to a fractured skull.

Needless to say, it appears Mr. Music caught himself a break to only have to spend two football weekends in jail over all this. He’s also been ordered to surrender his Browns tickets and pay Hillabrand $40,000.


Music is accused of attacking Lake Township firefighter Joshua Hillabrand Nov. 4 outside the stadium after the Browns 37-21 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hillabrand has been a Lake Township firefighter for more than nine years and works at his family’s construction company. His family has had season tickets to the Browns since 1987.

Hillabrand and a friend left the game and were outside the stadium on Erieside Avenue when Hillabrand spotted someone throwing traffic cones at people, Hillabrand said.

He told the man to stop and kept walking. Music punched Hillabrand from behind and ran off, according to prosecutors.

Music’s next weekend in jail is coming up and it’ll cost him the B1G Championship game and the Bengals-Browns game. I have no idea if they show those games in county jail. Maybe next time the judge should really drop the hammer and sentence the offender to lack of television usage while in the county jail. No Ohio State games and no Browns games. Tough luck. Lucky he didn’t kill the guy with the concrete head splatter.

[Update] Today I exchanged Twitter direct messages with Josh who explained how his life has changed since the 2018 attack. He was disappointed in Music’s sentence, explaining it’s from Saturday morning to Sunday night. One overnight in jail each weekend for the attack. He told me that it was Music who was throwing the traffic cones at people that night after the Chiefs game and he told him to “knock it off and grow up.”

His life has been turned upside down ever since. “I still can’t taste can’t smell no appetite. I’ve lost 50 pounds,” Josh said, adding that he takes 10-plus pills a day and hasn’t returned to his fire department job. “I went to the Titans game and threw up multiple times. It’s still tough going back. He robbed me of so much.”

As for Josh, it looks like he’s getting his life back together after all this pain and suffering he had to go through:

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