Marcus Gilbert & Women For Trump Co-Chair Madison Gesiotto Seem To Be Getting Along Pretty Well


Looks like Cardinals offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert and Women for Trump co-chair Madison Gesiotto is heating up & has reached the posting of Instagram photos for the constituents to look at stage. Talk about a couple that doesn’t have much free time these days, how about these two. Gilbert, 31, is trying to rehab from a season-ending knee injury and Gesiotto, 27, is busy working to get Donald Trump reelected to the presidency.

Gesiotto, an Ohio State grad, is a practicing attorney, appears on Fox News, is a columnist and former Miss Ohio USA. It’s a miracle she even has time for love, but it sure looks like Gilbert has stolen her heart during this busy time in life. The couple has done the whole Turk & Caicos vacation thing and an event at Madison Square Garden.

Now for a PSA to any of you liberal thugs looking to cause trouble for Gesiotto, you’ve had fair warning that Gilbert is 6-6, 330 & knows how to throw grown men around…and Gesiotto knows how to use guns. I’m telling you right now, power couple of 2020 right here. Do I smell a political run for Gesiotto in Ohio on the horizon? Yes I do. Maybe even some sort of cabinet position in the Trump administration.

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