Michigan Whiners Now Complaining Because Justin Fields Takes Online Classes

Ohio State sign inside Michigan Stadium during Saturday’s game / I took the photo.

Here we go with the Michigan whiners making excuses for getting curb stomped again this year to make it eight losses in a row to Ohio State — they’re mad because Justin Fields takes online classes and doesn’t go through the traditional process of walking through the cold like the college poors. The whiners at TheWolverine.com podcast, led by host Chris Balas, wasted no time this weekend saying that Ohio State is a semi-pro program (then inferring that the online class thing is cheating the system) and that they do things ‘the right way at Michigan’ and how can Jimmy possibly compete with that.

The action gets going around the 15:00 mark with Balas pretty much saying Michigan can’t compete with Ohio State because at Ohio State players take online courses and don’t experience the pageantry that is leaves crunching under their Nikes on the way to class. “I want to do it the right way,” former Michigan offensive lineman Doug Skene says in response to Balas inferring that Ohio State is skirting the rules with Fields taking online classes. It’s hilarious to listen to these Do It The Right Way guys thinking back to the glory days of yesteryear. Skene goes on to add that “taking online classes is part of the college experience.” Uh, you think?

Here’s what Justin Fields told the Columbus Dispatch back in September:

Fields mused Tuesday afternoon that he hadn’t been around much, spending most of his time at home, where spare time involves watching Netflix, or at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for workouts, meetings and other entertainment.

But from what I have seen, the campus is beautiful and the people around are great,” Fields said.

After spending his freshman year at Georgia, Fields is in the pre-business program at Ohio State, according to his bio on the athletic department’s website.

So that’s the new angle you’re going to be hearing about all offseason from Michigan Man — Ohio State is a football factory that we can’t compete against unless we skirt the rules and Bo taught us better than that and we will never lower ourselves to win a Big Ten championship. We’re Michigan Men. 

The guys at MGoBlog are jumping on this train today. The drumbeat of ‘We’re better than this football factory because we do things the right way’ are only going to get louder because at this point there are no more straws to grasp. They’re not going to fire their hero. This is it.

That’s literally all that matters in Columbus. When Fields said his bit about online classes the local paper rushed to defend him like he’d been caught lying four separate times to the NCAA. To describe their media as bootlicking does an injustice to bootlickers, who may have ill feelings about the boot in question.

Meanwhile Michigan’s athletic department is so prim and proper it won’t even try to dissuade hordes of Ohio squareheads from filling the seats around me every other year.

This is what 0-8 & three wins this century will do to a fan base.

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