Justin Fields Takes Online Classes, Not On Ohio State Campus Much


Justin Fields takes online classes, doesn’t spend much time on the Ohio State University campus and uses his free time away from his online classes to watch Netflix or at the football offices going through workouts and training. That’s what we learned Tuesday about the quarterback of the No. 5 team in the country. If you have a soft spot for the days at the blue blood schools when college quarterbacks walked to class with leaves crunching under their feet, this isn’t a great time to be alive for you.

Fields isn’t doing anything wrong or against the rules of NCAA athleticism. This is just me blogging about how ridiculous the NCAA is with its purity pledge. This is for the 55+ crowd that thinks these guys are there for the education and the college experience. That ship has sailed, Nike Air Monarch crowd.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Fields mused Tuesday afternoon that he hadn’t been around much, spending most of his time at home, where spare time involves watching Netflix, or at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for workouts, meetings and other entertainment.

But from what I have seen, the campus is beautiful and the people around are great,” Fields said.

After spending his freshman year at Georgia, Fields is in the pre-business program at Ohio State, according to his bio on the athletic department’s website.

Guys, if you really think the highest graded 5* in the history of Ohio State is out there slumming it riding a bike across campus, you really need to get with the times. You think Antonio Brown is going back to school and slumming it on the Central Michigan campus? Of course not.


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