Steelers Fan Arrested For Assaulting A Cop During Browns-Steelers Showdown

Steelers fan Elvis Matejcic was arrested for assaulting cop at Browns-Steelers game / via Allegheny County Jail/KDKA

Steelers fan Elvis Matejcic didn’t see the end of the Browns-Steelers game because he was on the way to the Allegheny County Jail after (allegedly) assaulting a sheriff’s deputy. If you would’ve told me going into Browns-Steelers that the only arrest of significance at the Big Ketchup Bottle would be a 47-year-old Tim Cowlishaw-looking dude rushing the gate at a private club inside the stadium, I would’ve said you’re crazy. But that’s what we got out of the day. I can’t find a single Browns fan arrested in Pittsburgh. Fairly shocked.

From KDKA:

The man arrested was 47-year-old Elvis Matejcic. According to the criminal complaint, Matejcic and his friends allegedly rushed to a fence in the Champions Club Plaza area to celebrate a touchdown.

Security asked them to move back, but Matejcic allegedly said, “I ain’t moving and you ain’t moving me.”

The deputy then told him he’d be kicked out if he didn’t listen. As the deputy tried to move him, the criminal complaint says Matejcic swung his arm and hit the deputy in the chest. At that point, the deputy told him he was under arrest.

I made sure to analyze Elvis’s Facebook page to confirm that he’s a Steelers fan because he’s originally from the Cleveland suburbs. He’s definitely a Stiller and lives in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Say what you want about Browns fans in general, but for some reason they’re more into trolling the other fans these days than causing fights like an Eagles or Raiders fan.

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