Baker Mayfield’s Wife Goes After Mary Kay Cabot Over Question To Freddie Kitchens

Now Baker Mayfield’s wife, Emily Mayfield, is fighting with reporter Mary Kay Cabot. Folks, did I call it that there were going to be problems between Emily and Cleveland or did I call it? Pretty sure I said it the day Bake and Emily came to town. Two peas who’d never spent a second of their lives in the Cleveland thunderdome. And it hasn’t been a healthy ride ever since. It’s been less than a month since Emily went after “idiot” Browns fans.

Now we have Em calling out Mary Kay, whom Browns fans already don’t like, but Browns fans know Freddie is in over his head and they need Mary Kay to call him out over wearing the “Pittsburgh Started It” shirt before the biggest game of the season.

Sure, there will be the ride or dies who’ll back up Em Em here because they’re Bake 4 Lyfe, but guess what question is leading the sports headlines around the country — Is Freddie Kitchens mature enough to even be a NFL coach? The guy is clearly in over his head and can’t get out of his own way to save his head coaching career. Completely legit question about the shirt. This team has had a horrible problem with distractions. The shoes, the watch, smashing a helmet & getting suspended the rest of the season.

Freddie Kitchens is 45 years old, about to never get another head coaching job and decides to create another thing for a reporter like Mary Kay to ask about. It’s like these guys don’t have a brain. Of course she’s going to ask if you’re willing to be a moron.

Here’s Freddie Kitchens wearing the Pittsburgh Started It shirt:

Em, who has made a career off social media, wondering if Mary Kay could ask about football. Uh, that’s not how this works hun. If Baker’s head coaching choice is dumb enough to put it on and let a photo be taken, then get ready for a question. It’s that simple. Now enjoy the flight out of town the minute the season ends December 29 in Cincinnati.

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