Baker Mayfield’s Wife Has Words For Browns Fans…The Idiot Browns Fans

Baker Mayfield’s wife responds to fair weather fans who are mad at her / via Instagram Story

Here we gooooooo….Baker Mayfield’s wife is making social media headlines this week after she called out fair weather fans in one of the most subtle ways possible Monday, not really taking a big shot at Browns fans that were ready to draft a new quarterback. Soft Browns fans must’ve taken it so hard — those three lines of copy shot to the core of their being — that she had to issue another Instagram Story post where she clarified which people she was directing that shot at.

“I’m talking about the idiots who say HORRIBLE things about my husband and then team when we lose, and are back to obsessing when we win. That is laughable to me.”

Uh Em, it’s going to be this way until the day Baker puts a for sale sign in the yard and leaves. You best get used to it because if he turns things around, they’re going to be Baker’s biggest fan. If there’s not playoff success over the next two seasons, they will run you out of town. They’re on the verge right now and it’s not going to change.

It’s pretty funny to see an outsider having to deal with the roller coaster that is Cleveland Browns football. Emily has never experienced this in her life and here she is married to this town until John Dorsey can’t get another game out of Baker. Em is just gonna have to get used to this lifestyle because one week she’ll be the queen of the city and own the town, the next week could be rough while out shopping for avocados.

This week is absolutely massive in case she hasn’t heard. The Steelers are coming to down with a defense that is on fire with three defensive touchdowns over the last four games, 14 sacks, 8 INTs and 6 fumble recoveries in that span. A loss here and Em is going to be wondering when her and the husband can leave town when the season ends on December 29.

Emily Mayfield called out fair weather fans on Monday after the Browns beat the Bills on Sunday:

Baker Mayfield’s wife calls out fair weather fans / via Instagram Story

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