Browns-Steelers Was A Bust From The Fan Violence Side Of Things

Steelers fan yelling at Browns fans about the helmet smash incident before today’s game in Pittsburgh / via Twitter

The minute I start thinking Browns-Steelers is going to be full of fisticuffs in the streets and blood spilled in the upper deck at the Big Ketchup Bottle is the minute that cooler heads prevail and it turned out to be a quiet day between the two hated rivals. I thought for sure we’d see a fight in the stands, but as of 8:30 ET Sunday night we have nothing.

The closest anyone got to dropping the gloves came in the tailgating lots outside PNC Park where a Yinzer had words for Browns fans and appeared to throw a turkey leg or some sort of meat at the guys who were recording their walkabout through enemy territory. The Pittsburgh police Twitter was quiet and the only stabbing I can find was Terrelle Pryor taking a knife to the chest from his girlfriend.

Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was the fact that the Helmet Smash incident is so fresh that fans don’t know how they’re supposed to feel when they see each other right now. Something tells me in future years we’re going to see these two sets of fans go at it in a #neverforget type situation. Right now everyone is fighting via t-shirts and the real winners are those companies who specialize in this type of thing.

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