Brothers Osborne Lions Halftime Show Loses Power

Lions hafltime show Brothers Osborne lose power / via Twitter

The Brothers Osborne halftime show during the Bears-Lions game was interrupted by a power outage that cut the start of their show short, but eventually, everything was restored and the brothers were able to rock out. One of the best moments during the outage was when Troy Aikman asked Joe Buck if he had any more material on Lions rookie quarterback David Blough that he’d like to use since that’s all they’ve had to talk about during today’s game.

Even with the power issue, Brothers Osborne get way higher marks than the 2018 Lions halftime show from Mike Posner. That was a disaster.

What happens when the power goes out to a halftime show and the NFL game still has to go on? Eddy Pineiro gets out there and gets some kicks in.

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