Browns Fan’s Selling His Dawg Wagon As Playoff Chase Heats Up

Browns van for sale – 1 / via Facebook

Browns fan is selling his ‘Dawg Wagon’ for 1,000,000 OBO at an odd time of the year to be dumping his treasured tailgating wheels as the team gets so close to .500. There’s a real chance the Browns win out now to go 10-6 and most likely get into the playoffs. The Steelers are a mess at quarterback, the Bengals can’t figure out which quarterback they want to run out there, the Cardinals are the Cardinals and the Ravens have to come to Cleveland just before Christmas when Browns fans are going to be out of their minds with dreams of the playoffs.

And you can roll right into the Muni Lot in the Dawg Wagon looking like a tailgating legend in a ride that’s clearly built for a playoff run. It doesn’t look like your boys can destroy this van after getting pounded before/after the Bengals game on December 8. And it looks like this beast will actually make it to Cincinnati on December 29 for what should be a playoff play-in game. Think about how great you’ll feel as you head down I-71 to Cincinnati knowing the Bengals are now the garbage AFC North team and you’re heading to the playoffs.

From the seller:

Ford van. Great for tailgating.. GO BROWNS… Call Joe for price or any questions


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