Myles Garrett Analyzed The Use Of The N-Word In 2018 On Twitter

Myles Garrett N-word tweets / via Twitter

Back in March 2018 on Twitter, Myles Garrett laid out his stance on people using the n-word, saying he’s tired of hearing the N-word or being referred to as one, but he’s also tired of people being offended by it “when used by another ethnicity.” It was revealed today that Myles Garrett claimed in his appeal before the NFL that Mason Rudolph used a racial slur that sent him into a rage that led to the helmet smash incident.

If you were at a concert and an artist is on stage and the N-word is used in the bridge and there’s another ethnicity is next to you, should that person refuse to use that word in fear of the backlash caused by him singing a song. I believe that’s nonsense,” Garrett tweeted during the same conversation about the use of the word. 

He added, “I’m not okay with anyone calling me the N-word. If it used as an insult in one sense why can I turn around and use it as a term of endearment in the same breath with someone else? That’s hypocritical to me.” 

The NFL says they’ve looked into Garrett’s claims and can’t find evidence of Rudolph using a slur. Does that mean they analyzed audio? It’s the NFL, so it probably means they just took Rudolph’s word. Whatever the case, Garrett’s old tweets are an interesting look into his stance on the subject.

Did Mason Rudolph Call Myles Garrett A Racial Slur?
Did Mason Rudolph Call Myles Garrett A Racial Slur?