Browns Fans Murder Mason Rudolph Pinata

Browns fans murder Mason Rudolph pinata / via Twitter

Browns fans had fun swinging a Steelers helmet at a Mason Rudolph pinata in the Muni Lot before today’s game against the Miami Dolphins. By now you know that Browns fans are going to take a storyline and absolutely own it, especially when it’s something unique like Myles Garrett swinging a helmet into Rudolph’s head.

Hate Browns fans all you want, but you have to respect their ability to turn on-field stuff into content. Time after time, Browns fans step up when the NFL needs content and they create absolute gold. I’m closing in on 12 years of BC and there’s no group of fans out there that can even compare. Bills fans are busy breaking tables and high-fiving each other and shouting ‘BROOOOOOO’ while Browns fans are thinking about how they can make a dollar off a t-shirt and how they can have tailgating fun with a Garrett-Rudolph storyline.

Congrats to Browns fans, you’ve once again made me proud.

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