Best of Myles Garrett Helmet Attack Memes & Photoshops

Of course I have to bust out a Best of Myles Garrett Helmet Attack Memes and Photoshops before the weekend gets started. I gave you guys plenty of time to get your artwork submitted and now I can pump out this post, hit publish and get on with my weekend. We close down the work week with the biggest story of the NFL season thanks to Myles Garrett blacking out on Mason Rudolph and getting suspended for the rest of the year for smashing Rudolph with his own helmet.

Now that Rudolph is all good, it’s time to tell the truth — this was awesome for the NFL. Barbaric, controversial, over the edge. It fires up the Boomers who miss the ruthlessness they grew up with and gives the millennials a topic to create memes and photoshops. Thanks to Myles Garrett for bringing both sides together in the name of content.

Here’s Myles’ apology to make all the suburban wives feel better about the barbaric act:

“Last night, I made a terrible mistake,” Garrett’s statement reads. “I lost my cool and what I did was selfish and unacceptable. I know that we are all responsible for our actions and I can only prove my true character through my actions moving forward. I want to apologize to Mason Rudolph, my teammates, our entire organization, our fans and to the NFL. I know I have to be accountable for what happened, learn from my mistake and I fully intend to do so.”

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