Ohio State Fan Bets $5 On Rutgers to Beat Buckeyes, Pays $10,000 If It Cashes

Ohio State fan bets $5 on Rutgers to beat Ohio State, pays $10,000 / via Twitter

An Ohio State fan has placed a $5 bet on Rutgers to beat Ohio State Saturday in New Jersey when the teams meet at 3:30 on Big Ten Network. Thomas Viola’s $5 bet will pay $10,000 if Rutgers (+53 if you want to go that route right now at Westgate) pulls off the minor upset. Guys, this is how you content. Doesn’t cost much, you and your friends get a laugh out of it, you pick up some followers and didn’t have to pay Facebook or Twitter for the social reach.

Thomas is out here struggling along in the Vegas social media world trying to stand out and pulls out this gem. Rovell will be all over this on Saturday, might even tag him on a tweet and Viola’s going to go from 411 followers to like 550.

According to VegasInsider, the Rutgers money line opened at +580,000. That line is dropping boys. Be careful of Rutgers tomorrow. Could come back to haunt you — outright.

What does a $5 bet on Rutgers do to the money line?

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