Gambler Jon Price’s Vegas Oddsmaker Mistake Pays Off For 8th Year in a Row

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Every college football season for the last 8 years legend Jon Price has made his “Vegas Mistake” call on his radio show where he calls out Vegas for a poor line and he advises his clients to wager their largest bet of the season on it. Once again this year his biggest betting pick called the shot correctly with one wager raking in over $375,000 from different sportsbooks.

It was last Saturday in the Western Kentucky vs. Marshall game where the closing line was Western Kentucky +5.5. Not only was Jon certain that Western Kentucky would cover, but he also thought they had a good chance to win the game outright and for those who watched the game understood why Jon Price is who he is in the sports betting world. The game didn’t start out great for Jon and his clients as some early turnovers by Western Kentucky and overall sloppy play helped Marshall take an undeserving 23-7 lead midway through the 3rd quarter. 

The home crowd for Marshall was rocking and the odds of a comeback for the Hilltoppers seemed slight but the Western Kentucky offense finally woke up and started playing up to their capabilities as they scored on their next three straight possessions and tied the game at 23-23 with 6:19 to play in the game. If it weren’t for the early sloppy turnovers the score should have had Western Kentucky leading 23-9. 

This was the team Jon expected to show up to play, rather than the uninspired first half the Hilltoppers had. As the final minutes unfolded, Marshall had a 10-play, 51- yard drive to get themselves within field goal range and Marshall kicker Justin Rohrwasser, who has been perfect thus far during the 2019 season, kicked a long 53-yarder to win the game by 3 over the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers as time expired. The Hilltoppers’ QB Ty Storey finished the game 31 of 43 passing for 292 yards and a touchdown run as he pulled his team back to cover the 5.5 point spread.

8 Years of Winning Your Biggest Play is No Fluke

For the 8th year in a row Jon Price called his shot with his 2019 Vegas Mistake and covered the spread to win his and his clients’ largest wagers of the year. Some of his clients placed their entire bankroll down on the game and made it a double up, while Jon mentioned he also placed a large wager of his own down on the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers to cover the 5.5 points. If the team that showed up in the second half would’ve showed up in the first, the Hilltoppers would’ve won the game outright with ease, but Jon and his team will take it to the bank for the 8th year in a row with one of the most impressive sports betting calls of the year. 

Jon Price and his betting analysts from is considered by many to be the best sports bettor and handicapper alive today. Jon has made national headlines numerous times with a few million-dollar Super Bowl wagers, a 14 million dollar World Series wager, and also his famous Kansas City Royals Futures wager that he placed on them to win the 2015 World Series before the season even began. He’s been featured in a wide variety of national publications from Forbes Magazine to Yahoo Finance to the Huffington Post and many more. You can also listen to Jon on a number of nationally syndicated radio sports talk shows such as ESPN Radio and their regional affiliates across the country during football season. 

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