Yes, Megan Mullen Kisses Players On The Cheek

Megan Mullen kisses Florida players before games…on the cheek / via YouTube

A photo of Megan Mullen kissing one of the Florida players before the Georgia game is being passed around by Georgia superfan @BassinDawg who added “kissing each Gators player on the lips as they get off the bus.” Now I’ve been following Bassin Dawg for a long time and he’s the kind of fan who’s willing to twist things now and then to make a rival look bad.

Megan doesn’t kiss players on the lips, you fools. Don’t you think that would be news before now? Megan kisses the players on the cheek during their pregame embrace as she explained in 2018. See the full video below. Megan’s just out here treating these young men as one of her own and forging her own way as a college football wife.

“They are our children,” Megan said in a 2018 profile.

Now we have trolls out here like this one:

Megan Mullen explains her hugs and kisses for Florida players before games:

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