Unemployed Jermaine Whitehead’s Twitter Account Cost Him About $38,000 A Week

Is this the Browns Jermaine Whitehead calling Dustin Fox a smoked f-ck ass cracker?

Is this the Browns Jermaine Whitehead calling Dustin Fox a smoked f-ck ass cracker? / via Twitter

Now unemployed former Cleveland Browns safety Jermaine Whitehead decides to block commenting on his Instagram account and finds his Twitter account deleted after a barrage of threats to Browns fans and Browns employee Dustin Fox who questioned Whitehead’s tackling during Sunday’s loss to the Broncos. “Come get it in blood bitch made ass lil boy. I’m out there with a broke hand .. don’t get smoked f-ck ass cracker,” Whitehead said to Fox on Twitter before his account was deleted by Twitter.

I did a little digging into contracts and found that Whitehead, whom the Browns released this morning, was making $645,000 this season from the team. Not that much, but it’s a contract and it’s money in the bank if Whitehead could’ve played it right and just made it through the end of December. We know that NFL teams are paid weekly through the season on that contract and that comes out to about $38,000 a week for Whitehead. I’ll assume he gets his final check this week for Sunday’s game. That leaves 8 game checks Whitehead could’ve cashed if he kept his head in the game.

• $38,000 per week of work

• $38k X 8 remaining games = $304,000 left on the table just to go off on fans and Fox

Whitehead’s a guy who has been kicking around the NFL since 2015. He’s been with the 49ers, Ravens, Packers and now the Browns. And it’s not like he had some massive Twitter following. He had like 1,500 followers according to Google Cache searches. There was zero reason to have that account. ZERO. And now that Twitter account has cost him a bunch of cash. I don’t have Whitehead’s contract in front of me, but you can assume it didn’t have a bunch of guaranteed money in it.

I don’t want athletes to stop using social media because it’s great for content and the blogging business I’m in, but there’s no way I’d have it if I’m NFL guy where pretty much nothing is guaranteed. One heated moment in the locker room while fully dressed in his uniform and now the guy is unemployed. N.F.L. still stands for Not For Long. Undefeated.

Jermaine Whitehead also threatened to shoot people

Jermaine Whitehead also threatened to shoot a Browns fan / via Twitter

Jermaine Whitehead threatens fans

Jermaine Whitehead threatens fans / via Twitter

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