Grown Man Patriots Fan Cries After Loss

Patriots fan cries after his team loses to the Ravens on Sunday Night Football / via Twitter

Imagine being a grown ass man Patriots fan and crying because the Patriots lost to the Ravens, 37-20, on the first weekend of November. That’s just how much this team and Tommy mean to all those guys out there who have poured their hearts into so many tough years where things didn’t go their way. Take last night’s game against the Ravens — Pats fans had to watch as Ravens went for 200+ on the ground and Jules coughed up a ball for a 70-yard fumble return for a touchdown.

Very, very painful to watch is you’re a Patriots fan who thought home field would be wrapped up before December 1. It’s one game, but suddenly the defense looks suspect against a legit offense and Tommy had to throw the ball 46 times. That leaves guys like Crying Pats Fan thinking this could be the end of the road. This could be time for Boyz II Men to sing.

And it’s causing at least this guy to get emotional over how things could be ending before his eyes. Tommy’s house is for sale. The defense suddenly seems like it’s a mess and the schedule gets tougher — Eagles (road), Cowboys, Texans (road), Chiefs, Bengals.

Just how hard has it been for Patriots fans over the last 20 years? It’s been brutal:

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