Katherine Webb Goes As Carmen Electra For Texans Halloween Party














Katherine Webb dialed up a Carmen Electra Baywatch one-piece swimsuit tribute for the Deshaun Watson Houston Texans Halloween party Monday night after a relatively quiet year of being a mom to two boys. AJ McCarron’s been on the move for the last couple years, going from Cincinnati to Buffalo to Oakland to being released and then picked up by Houston where he got injured back in training camp during a joint practice with Green Bay.

Add it all up and it’s been one of those years. Webb-McCarron has just been off doing her thing…until this week…when she suddenly had an Instagram Applebees influencing gig that led into the Halloween party. That’s a big week of contenting for the 30 year old. K-Dubb is to be commended for busting out the fastball for the Halloween party. It would’ve been easy to just go as a flight attendant or something like that, but she went the extra mile to keep the marriage fresh and exciting. Mom and dad got out of the house for a night and we all are reminded of the days when Katherine Webb owned the Internet and Brent Musburger’s sweet voice graced college football national championship games.

Not going to lie, I miss those days. Way more fun back then when Twitter wasn’t a hellhole. Politics wasn’t as big of a hellhole as it is now. It’s weird to think 2013 was a better time in life.


By the way, anyone else notice how much money Applebees is throwing around the last couple weeks? Definitely a strategy change out of them. This is now the second NFL QB wife I’ve seen slinging these Applebees to-go meals.


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