Harvey Updyke Doesn’t Show Up For Court, Arrest Warrant Could Be Issued

Harvey Updyke Mugshot

Harvey Updyke Mugshot

Harvey Updyke didn’t show up to a court hearing in Lee County today after saying this week that he was taking a bus to Auburn to face a district attorney that has been chasing the convicted tree poisoner to make him pay restitution he owes to the university for poisoning its cherished oak trees. It’s unclear if Updyke ever got on the bus or if the Facebook posts he made were just some sort of smokescreen. His daughter submitted a letter to the court answering for why her dad didn’t make it from where he supposedly lives in Albany, Louisiana.

From O-ANow.com:

Harvey Updyke failed to appear in Lee County court Wednesday afternoon and the Lee County District Attorney’s Office now has 30 days to gather more information before the judge decides whether or not to issue a warrant for Updyke’s arrest.

The District Attorney’s Office asked for a warrant for Updyke’s arrest for failing to appear.

However, Judge Jacob Walker ruled that the office that they have 30 days to asses a letter from Updyke’s daughter stating why he couldn’t appear and submit a certified copy of the restitution payment record.

Pending Lee County gathering up the balls to issue an arrest warrant for Harvey and actually going to pick him up, it appears he’ll get to see the LSU-Bama game at home after all.

Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes, a guy Harvey says is chasing him for political street cred, has been hunting Harvey over his lack of restitution payments; Updyke owes over $809,000 to Auburn and this Hughes guy is tired of the games Harvey plays with the law. Let’s go to Facebook and see how serious Harvey takes this situation.

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