Browns Slaughter House Tailgating Bus Is For Sale

Browns Slaughter House Bus is for sale / from Facebook Marketplace

For just $6,500 you can get into the Browns tailgating game in time for the schedule to shift to a much more favorable fiesta full of the Bengals, Dolphins and Steelers. The bad news if you’re thinking of getting into the tailgating game is that the Browns are 2-5 and little room for error if they’re going to make a run and sneak into the playoffs. That’s why I’m suggesting you play it smart here with the Slaughter House tailgating bus.

No way you come in with full asking price on this one. First make sure this one runs, then offer $3,000. This is, after all, Browns fans we’re talking about and they’re all depressed, thinking of burning jerseys, deleting all their Super Bowl tweets, etc. No way this guy realistically thinks he’s getting $6,500 for a bus this time of year. We’re into the business fourth quarter. No way smart people are throwing around this type of money this time of year.

From the seller:

Browns short bus perfect for tailgating or just to show off in box me for More info serious inquiries only 142000 miles

I’d also suggest waiting until after this Sunday’s game in Denver to make sure the Browns don’t implode and officially end their season. This is officially a must-win game because I’m not sure this team can finish on a 7-1 to finish 9-7. Don’t see it happening. Too many landmines even with a garbage schedule left to play.

Webster Slaughter became a hero in just six seasons with the Browns:

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