Meet Camila Ordonez – St. John’s University Tennis Player

Bold prediction time: St. John’s tennis player Camila Ordonez will have a massive Instagram following when she leaves the university and heads off into the real world. Will she have a professional career? Highly doubt that. Will she be able to make more money via her Instagram following than she’d ever make playing professional tennis? Yes. Should the NCAA gangsters take a hike and let college tennis players like Camila act as watch and protein energy drink influencers? Of course they should, it’s not like schools are benefiting from tennis anyway.

Camila, a freshman at St. John’s, is out of Miami, Florida and says in her Instagram bio that she’s Colombian. Add it all up and you have 8,800 followers very early in her NCAA career. She should skyrocket fairly fast once she starts hitting the Instagram Discover page, which should happen real soon.

From Camila’s St. John’s bio:

Was also heavily recruited by UConn, San Diego, USF, Hawaii, and UC Irvine.

I’m definitely not some women’s college expert, but you have to give St. John’s credit here for talking Camila into heading north instead of San Diego, USF, Hawaii or Irvine. What a snag. I get it though. Camila can jump on a Friday afternoon flight at LGA and be in Miami in no time. The clubs will be open until like 8 a.m. anyway so Friday night works perfect. Then some sunshine Saturday afternoon and more clubbing Saturday night before catching a Sunday afternoon flight back for school on Monday.

I’m telling you guys, Camila is headed for stardom around here. This IG is going to explode over the next few weeks.

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