Florida Woman Dislocates Son’s Jaw For Not Stopping Fortnite Game To Take Shower, Cops Allege

Mom dislocates son’s jaw for not stopping Fortnite game / via Volusia County Jail

Florida Woman Ann Perugia really wanted her son to stop playing Fortnite to take a shower because she allegedly dislocated her 10-year-old son’s jaw for telling her “no” when she said stop to take a shower. Now she’s in big trouble with the cops and we have ourselves yet another problem between parents and their kids’ video game habits.

The really unfortunate news here is that Ann and the son seem to be having a rough patch and the boy isn’t even allowed to stay at dad’s place because he doesn’t have custody. What a mess. Ann could’ve just pulled the plug out of the wall and called it a day. Now she has all sorts of court costs coming and possible jail time.

From WFTV:

The child told police Perugia told him to stop playing the video game Fortnite and take a shower. Ten minutes after Perugia asked the first time, she asked him again to which he replied, “No.”

He got up and started toward the bathroom, and that is when his mother got irate and charged into the bathroom. When the two got into the bathroom, (he) stated she punched him with a closed fist in the jaw, the release said.

The child’s jaw was dislocated, police said.

Ann is part of a growing segment of society that has a child possibly addicted to Fortnite. Going back nearly a year there was a report that Fortnite was like being on heroin. Now the real question here is whether the son is just not willing to listen to his mother or whether he’s a gamer addict. Ann might need to find a good lawyer, a good website to deal with addiction and a path towards her son taking showers over video games.

The bad news is that she (allegedly) dislocated his jaw over the whole thing and now it’s going to take some time to repair this relationship. Real tough situation right here.

Ann Perugia mugshot…allegedly dislocated son’s jaw for not stopping his Fortnite game / via Volusia County Jail
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