Ohio Woman Hit By Blender Thrown At Her By McDonald’s Manager, Suffers Shattered Cheekbone & Broken Nose

Ohio Woman hit with a blender thrown by McDonald’s manager after Ohio Woman threw Happy Meals at manager / via CNN

You know where you’re going to see a blender be used as a weapon in a McDonald’s customer vs. McDonald’s manager war of words and thrown objects? At a Cincinnati McDonald’s where the angry customer threw Happy Meals at the manager and the manager retaliated by throwing a blender at Britany Price and (allegedly) shattering her cheekbone and breaking her nose.

The good news for all of us is that it’s on video (see below) and we can watch the action as it went down inside the Golden Arches. What’s clear from the video is that Brit Brit IS NOT happy at service she received — she shouldn’t be shocked by the service — and wings bags of food at someone off camera. And then a big ol blender comes flying across the front counter and drills Price flush across the McJaw/McCheek area.

From WBOY via CNN:

Britany Price says she went through the drive-thru last month at the McDonald’s in Colerain Township and ordered Happy Meals for her children.

She says her order was messed up, so she went inside to complain and get a refund. After waiting 25 minutes, you see Price on surveillance video hurl her Happy Meals at the manager. Price says the manager then picked up a blender and threw it at her, knocking her to the ground.

The woman suffered a shattered cheekbone and a broken nose.

I go into a McDonald’s like once every couple of years to take a dump and get *food in an emergency situation, so I had no idea there were actual blenders in the stores. I just figured everything was pre-blended to the point where the workers just act as a factory assembly line. I had no idea these places were so upscale.

No charges were filed, but Price’s attorney is filing a civil lawsuit. I know what you’re thinking — has Florida ever had a customer vs. McDonald’s worker battle royale? Well yes Florida has. Remember the worker who slapped a customer after having coffee thrown on her.

VIDEO OF the McDonald’s throwdown, I promise:

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