Ohio Man Wearing Old Man Mask Makes School & Shooting Bomb Threat At Bob Evans As Bank Robbery Diversion

Ohio Man uses old man mask during bank robbery diversion at Bob Evans in Pennsylvania / via Fox 8

I saw this story of an Ohio Man using an old man mask to set a diversion — active shooter and bombs at two Pennsylvania schools — so he could rob banks, but I ran out of time and decided to watch the World Series instead of blogging about Luke Dell of Beavercreek, Ohio. Turns out the police ended up finding Dell driving around and he was still wearing his old man mask when the cops got him.

From Fox 8:

Police in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania are investigating after they say an Ohio man walked into a restaurant and handed a worker a note saying there was an active shooter threat and multiple bombs at two high schools.

Employees alerted police, who notified the schools. Police say it was an elaborate ruse to get law enforcement away from two banks the suspect planned on robbing. Police were able to get his photograph, vehicle description and license plate number while responding to the restaurant.

It turned out the license plate was stolen, but an officer spotted the plate on a vehicle matching the description of the one restaurant workers saw.

Luke clearly isn’t the sharpest bulb in the world. According to a couple media reports he couldn’t wait to sing to the cops and the judge, saying he was sorry and a bunch of other stuff that’s not going to get him out of prison time. I went through Luke’s Facebook page and can’t figure out what’s really going on, whether there’s some sort of financial burden. Can’t figure out if there’s maybe a gambling situation. No idea.

What’s clear is that he’s not getting his old man mask back for Halloween.

Luke Dell in his old man mask after dropping off his threat at a Bob Evans

Ohio Man in old man mask after dropping off not at Bob Evans / via WPXI

Luke seemed way happier back on March 8:

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