Packers Fan Does A Dumpster Lid Luge Before Lions Game

Packers fan does dumpster lid luge before Lions game / via Twitter

We now have video of a Packers fan doing a Dumpster lid luge before Monday Night Football at Lambeau Field against the Detroit Lions and all I can think of is…is this worse than Louisville fan doing a garbage bag shot at a Cardinals tailgate? Some will say that Green Bay dumpster lids are probably some of the cleanest out there, but this is still a trash lid and has probably seen a few things over the years.

My favorite part of this video has to be when the middle aged mom in the Packers jersey can’t believe her Wisconsin eyes and makes a move towards our hero. I’m just sitting here wondering how many beers and shots does it take before you think it’ll be great content if you do a beer luge off a dumpster. That has to be close to blackout level. That level where your wife or girlfriend is running into things and should just go pass out in bed.

Something tells me this woman’s not a stock holder because this is definitely not how fellow Packers stock holders act before games. Act like you’ve been there before, hun.

Here’s the infamous Louisville garbage bag shot. It’s one of the classics that was sent in from Louisville fans in 2018:

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