Louisville Fan Does A Garbage Bag Shot…And She Seemed To Like It


Baby girl Louisville fan doing a garbage bag shot…nbd (from @Danielfarish) pic.twitter.com/tnNuHuP76n

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) September 2, 2017

What went on at the Louisville tailgate today will be talked about for years to come. I’ve been at this job 10 years this month and I’ve never seen anything like this Louisville chick doing a shot of garbage bag fluid. Never. Thought I’d seen it all. Seen some wild stuff. I’ve seen lots of tailgating sex videos. Stripper pole videos. People pissing everywhere.

I’ve never seen a chick do a garbage bag shot.

How much did she make for taking the shot? Not enough.

I saw two 5's and a handful of 1's. I offered for 50.

— Daniel Farish (@danielfarish) September 2, 2017

I didn't count the money, but it was barely enough to buy an 18-pack.

— Daniel Farish (@danielfarish) September 2, 2017

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I like this reaction:

Ain't no way y'all can keep calling yourself the superior race doing shit like this https://t.co/nu4Ev78yvk

— Bantu Knot Killa (@Beaux_Leebangz) September 2, 2017

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