Allison Stokke & Rickie Fowler Got Married

Allison Stokke and Rickie Fowler got married October 5 in what must’ve been a big time secret wedding because here we are on October 11 and Rickie’s finally letting the cat out of the bag to the golf world that he’s officially married and heading into the offseason as a man who will now need to get his grilling setup secured, his TV room created to his liking and start handling all the stuff that comes with marriage like agreeing that it’s a great idea when Allison asks if the wedding photos should hang in the hallway or the living room nobody goes in.

Agree to everything within reason; pick your battles wisely; happy wife, happy life; try to get in as many Thursdays at the bar with the boys in now before the kids come; and I highly recommend killing off the lawn service during the offseason. You’ll enjoy that quiet time cutting the grass, just being a guy. Trust me, Rickie.

As for Allison, what a run it has been through the Internet era where she became an Internet celebrity as a pole vaulter. Things got so crazy at Stanford that, if I remember correctly, they blocked her bio from the track & field site and wouldn’t publish photos of her in action. It was like the Chinese government at Stanford over her being a pole vaulter at the school.

Now 30, she enjoys a pretty easy-going Internet life since Rickie has the whole golf thing locked down. Maybe have a couple kids, watch Rickie get even more popular to the point to where he’s the Arnold Palmer of his generation (needs some majors) and they live a great life. Gotta say, in the end it all worked out for Allison Stokke. Congrats to the happy couple.

Enjoy Rickie Fowler’s wedding photos:

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