Allison Stokke

Apr 24, 2017

Allison Stokke Is BACK And She’s With Rickie Fowler

Here's an internet throwback for you

Feb 11, 2015

Pole Vaulting Goddess Allison Stokke Rocking a GoPro

A few months ago, I almost threw down an investment on GoPro stock. They had just gone public and I...

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Jul 30, 2013

Allison Stokke Still Competing In Pole Vault; 2016 Olympics? [PHOTOS]

BC’s favorite U.S. pole vaulter Allison Stokke is keeping herself very busy while waiting for the 2016 Summer Games in...

Nov 28, 2012

Allison Stokke & Alex Morgan Attend Counting Crows Concert [PHOTOS]

Remember pole vaulter Allison Stokke? Remember Alex Morgan? Of course you do. Stokke is the California teen who became one...

Jun 25, 2012

BC Favorite Allison Stokke Struggles With Pole At Olympic Trials

Big news from yesterday's U.S. Track & Field pole vaulting trials? Allison Stokke failed to make the London Olympics because she couldn't clear the starting height. Of course it's devastating news to the Internet which had interest in pole vaulting over the last five years thanks to Stokke's seemingly perfectly tanned legs and the pageviews those legs generated. JUMP!

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Apr 12, 2010

UC Davis Pole Vaulter Vanessa Chin Is The New Allison Stokke

We receive numerous emails each day with some sort of garbage relating to the sports-world. Most of the emails are...

Your 2010 Allison Stokke Update: Cal Track & Field Mugshot Embargo Lifted

The Cal Berkely athletic department finally lifted its Allison Stokke mugshot embargo this winter, allowing men an updated image what...

Mar 16, 2010

Allison Stokke’s Halloween Cowgirl Outfit Accentuates The Entire Package

It has been very, very quiet on the Allison Stokke front after a couple years of her burning up our...

Jan 6, 2010

Allison Stokke Upset In World's Sexiest Athlete Contest At Spike Guy's Choice Awards

Just as Allison Stokke was about to become a household name, making her possibly the first Internet sports star created...

Jun 1, 2009

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Mar 31, 2009

Headlines: Cal Once Again Selling $85 Allison Stokke Mug Shot

It’s been a pretty quiet year for bloggers making a living off detailing the life of Allison Stokke. No Facebook...

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Mar 4, 2008

Allison Stokke Cal Bears 20X30 Inch Photo Only $65

Now that , we’ve learned that you can buy your very own Stokke mugshot in a variety of sizes. We...