Florida Man Teacher Takes Meth & Cocaine Before School, Passes Out At Burger King During Lunch & Beats Off At Hospital

Florida teacher took meth and cocaine before school, cops allege / via Gadsden County Jail

Florida teacher Guy Raynak must’ve needed a little pick me up before school because cops say he took meth and cocaine before going to his job as a Gadsden County science teacher. One thing led to another and Guy was passed out at Burger King during lunch and then the cops got involved and things got real weird from there. I’m talking beating off at the hospital, taking a leak on himself.

Yeah, it got real out of control for Guy and it gets even better — the school district superintendent says Raynak could return to his job. I’m telling you guys, Florida is starting to sound pretty good if you’re into being a maniac and keeping your job.

From Tallahassee.com:

A Gadsden County teacher was arrested after allegedly taking meth and cocaine before school, passing out at a local Burger King during his lunch break and later masturbating in a hospital exam room.

Guy Raynak, 44, a science teacher at Shanks Middle School in Quincy, was taken to the Gadsden County Jail on one count of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. He was later released after posting a $2,500 bond, according to jail records.

During a doctor’s exam, he admitted he took hard drugs before going to school that day and popped a pill on his lunch break. It wasn’t immediately clear whether he spent the first part of the day in front of a classroom.

“Upon examination by the doctor, (deputies) overheard him saying he had taken methamphetamine and cocaine before school,” the report says. “(He) had left the school at lunchtime and gone to Burger King where he ingested a Xanax pill.”

“While he was in the exam room, he was intermittently masturbating, urinating on himself and crawling around on the floor,” the report says.

Ok, so Guy got on a meth, cocaine and Xanax bender on a work day and the school superintendent says come on back if you want and can go through rehab. Most states would tell the teacher he/she went too far, but not Florida. The state has a pretty big teacher shortage going on right now. A 3,500 teacher shortage! The school can’t afford to lose this guy right now.

From Guy’s Facebook bio…little background…little info to digest:

Facebook bio
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