Bill Belichick Compliments #BillsMafia…Totally Knows Dildos Are About To Rain Down

Bill Belichick compliments #BillsMafia / via CBS

The last time the Patriots were in Buffalo, October of 2018, a Florida Man was arrested for throwing a dildo on the field during the game. Of course Bill Belichick remembers it. Why do you think he was so complimentary of #BillsMafia today during his media availability. He clearly wants to build up the Mafia only to rip their hearts out when Tom & that offense rolls into town for a battle of 3-0 teams. He’s feeding the Mafia a bottle of rat poison and they’re going to drink it down.

“It’s a very intense crowd. They’re vocal, totally into it & have a great passion for the game. Some stadiums don’t have quite the intensity Buffalo does. They have no other agenda. They’re there to watch the game. It gets very loud,” Hoodie said, obviously giving the Mafia a rope to hang themselves.

Look, Belichick is easily the most calculated G in the NFL. I know Sean Patterson, Shea Patterson’s brother, thinks his family member is going to be the biggest G in the league, but he’ll have to first make the league and then pry it from Hoodie’s cold dead hands. If you think Bill’s just up there handing out compliments because he’s a nice guy, you’d be wrong. Totally calculated here. It’s as if he’s thinking so far ahead that he is almost enticing the Mafia to throw even more dildos and take a 15-yard penalty.

Bill knows everything. That dildo has been lodged in the back of his head for a long time. It’s his revenge game.

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