Shea Patterson’s Brother Goes On Wild Michigan Rant – Allegedly

Shea Patterson brother Michigan rant on Instagram / via Instagram

Shea Patterson’s brother, Sean Patterson – the one that was hired by Ole Miss back in the day before Shea showed up, (allegedly) went on a wild Instagram rant over what’s going on at Michigan and it’s making the rounds on the Michigan’s MGoBlog, which pretty much validates this as being the real deal from Sean Patterson and not some photoshop job.

Sean got several good lines in here and event tagged Jim on this. I assume Jim didn’t see it since he’s busy breaking down tape and fixing the offense:

“What a joke…u let this guy call plays @jgattis22 and he’s never done it before…what a joke…he’s hot garbage absolutely terrible…and u continue to just let Harbaugh run Michigan as the head coach as he played there and was so absolutely average as a player…it’s unbelievable and ridiculous…u pay this motherf**ker 10 million dollars to be absolute average…highway robbery…he’s hot f**king garbage…regardless of who is at Qb and who you want to keep the heat on the starting quarterback that’s fine…when it appears that a defense has absolutely f**king given up…make the spin u want…my bro is a baller and will be a G in the NFL can’t f**king wait.”

This is just the kind of meltdown you hate to see out of a brother who has now deleted his Instagram. All it took was a road loss in which the Wolverines were underdogs. I think Michigan fans are forgetting that they’re not a top tier Big Ten team and definitely not one that goes on the road and beats the likes of Wisconsin. Sean is as delusional as the rest of the Michigan fans.

From a bio of Sean going back to his Ole Miss days:

Patterson was a three-year starting quarterback at Duquesne, twice winning all-conference honors for the FCS-level school with more than 6,700 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing. He graduated in 2012, and soon after coached in Europe. He has served as a quarterback coach in the past for Shea, who is expected to enroll at Ole Miss in January 2016.

And then there’s this ‘Like’ from wide receiver Nico Collins. Maybe he didn’t notice the #FireHarbaugh in the tweet. Or maybe he did.

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