Mike Tyson Wants To Trade His White Tiger For A Jaguar

Mike Tyson at Jaguars game / via Twitter

Mike Tyson is at the Jags game and declared via the Jags Twitter account that he wants to trade in his white tiger for a jaguar. Looks like the Jags win this one outright at home even though they’re +1.5 at the Westgate.

MMAer Rashad Evans is also at the game with Mike, running security, I assume.

Tyson told the story earlier this year to Joe Rogan about how he came to own white tigers:

“I’m in prison at the time,” he said. “So I’m in prison, I’m talking to my car dealer at the time and he has some cars that belong to a [mutual friend], and he’s discussing, ‘If he doesn’t pay for these cars, I’m going to sell these cars to somebody and get some horses.’”

“I said, ‘What, you can get horses? And trade horses in for cars?’ Because I had a lot of cars, I’d probably get some horses too. And he said, ‘Yeah man, you can get cougars, lions, tigers…’ I said, ‘You do?! Can you get me some tigers?’

“The guy said, ‘Imagine how cool that would be?’ Because I had a bunch of fancy cars, ‘Imagine that man, you’d be in an Aston Martin or a Ferrari. You’d have a tiger right next to you, man. That’s be so awesome.’ And I’m a young guy. I’m saying to myself, ‘Wow, that would be cool. Get me some cubs, man.’”

So he got tigers.

He spent $70,000 apiece for two white Bengal tigers, then tens of thousands more for a habitat for them and an African lion in his backyard. He hired animal trainer Carl Mitchell for another $125,000 a year to be on call whenever he flew into Las Vegas to be with the animals.

Don’t worry, Mike doesn’t own the tigers anymore. They were costing him a fortune.

Remember Mike and his white tiger and how much they loved each other?



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