John Daly Belts Out ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’ In Fayetteville

John Daly sings Knockin on Heavens Door in Fayetteville/ via IG

John Daly kicked off the 2019 college football season this weekend by going out on the bar scene and belting out Bob Dylan’s classic ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ at The Piano Bar for all the pig sooie fans who enjoyed a mesmerizing 20-13 win over Portland State, a team that was 4-7 in 2018. But it’s the small things in the SEC where teams like Tennessee were losing to Georgia State and Missouri lost to Wyoming.

Now you can see why Big John was in that bar celebrating. You just never know when some FCS school is going to roll into Fayetteville and play out of their asses. Arkansas already knew it was possible to lose to a MAC school. Remember the loss to Toledo in Little Rock? I think Kenny Chesney was scheduled to play after that game which was supposed to be an easy win.

So that’s why Big John’s out there celebrating. A win over Portland State is still a quality win in the SEC.

As for John’s song choice, he’s been going with Knockin’ for several years now. It’s like Roger Clemens singing Play That Funky Music White Boy. These guys stay in their lane when it’s time to take the mic and go out on stage.

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